IMPORTANT! Please read the information provided below for submission guidelines before placing your order.

THE IMAGE YOU UPLOAD WILL BE THE IMAGE ON YOUR PRODUCT!! If you need help creating a bead with an image you currently have that is NOT ready to be printed, please contact us at and we can give you a quote on design work for you.We do not recreate, refund, or accept returns on custom building bricks.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT WATERMARKED PHOTOS. If you would like a design made for you, please see our "design services" listing.

We will make your design as large as your design allows withing the print image area. 

The Look: your design will be placed on 1 side of a white building brick shape. 

We recommend that your image be at least 200 DPI at 100% of actual size. We do not guarantee that the image you supply will be perfectly clear if your image is a poor quality and is put on a larger brick layout. 

We are not responsible for the final reproduction when your provided image is of poor quality. No refunds or replacements will be made. The quality of your custom brick greatly depends on the image you provide. 

By submitting your image, you accept ALL responsibility and liability for images you provide to us. By submitting your image(s), you are agreeing that you have all rights to reproduce your provided image, therefore, Huesify shall not be responsible for any copyright infringement and all liability will be placed on the purchaser.

Bricks are customized each time and color variation can happen. We cannot guarantee that re-orders will match exactly to previous orders. Color variation between orders should be expected.

If you require design services, please contact us for a custom quote. Please contact us via email at and we will do our best to assist you in designing the brick you desire.

We can accept most file types (jpg, png, tif, eps, pdf, etc). Images with watermarks cannot be used. We can print your pictures or your logos. The customer assumes all responsibility in regard to rights of image replication.

Bricks may have slight imperfections due to manufacturing and the customizing process. For example, one side of the brick may have a brick that is very slightly off color. This is due to the dye lots from the manufacturer. We do our best to make sure this is not noticeable from the front image area. 

Size: varies for each product listed 

Image direction: varies for each product. Please provide image with correct orientation for the brick chosen 

All sales are final. Custom orders cannot be canceled, returned or refunded.


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