Did you know that Huesify offers design services?

We can Huesify virtually anything. From tumblers, to USB drives, to acrylic plaques and even backsplashes for your home!

Huesify has a full in-house design team ready to help make your ideas become a reality. Your own custom designs are perfect for business, holidays or any other special occasion. 

How does it work?

For FREE design by the Huesify team in the month of November! Purchase any product, excluding one (1) count bubblegum beads, and receive FREE design services. Just add your product and the design service listing to your cart. The discount will be given automatically in your cart at checkout.

Just give us your initial idea(s) and we will take it from there. Get started with a custom design.

What's included?

3 rounds of revisions: Using the form completed above, we will create your initial design and send you a watermarked proof, which is round 1. You may find this design completely perfect and ready to print, great! If not, give us your feedback and we will revise the design and send another proof, round 2. If you would still like another adjustment, no problem! We will make the requested adjustment and send you the final proof, round 3. Should you require more adjustments/changes, we can certainly accommodate that at $20 per extra round of revision.

Who owns the artwork?

Once designs are completed, Huesify owns the artwork and by submitting your idea you are agreeing that Huesify may resell items printed with the final artwork or a variation of. 

Want to own the artwork?

For only $60 more you own the artwork and Huesify will not reprint or resell the final designs or slight variation of. We will also send you print-ready files for use in your other projects, including: t-shirts, business cards, websites, social or wherever you find the need. Files will be provided in vector and raster formats.

How much does all of this cost?

Our design services, which includes the 3 rounds of revisions, is only $60.00 per design, plus cost of original item purchased (IE: building bricks, ornaments, bubblegum beads, etc.).

Should you wish to reorder a design which you have already created with us, you will not be charged this design fee again. We will keep the designs in our library of customer files for your convenience of future orders using this custom design.


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